There are two vastly different sides to the beauty industry:
1. The glamorous façade we all see in the media fuelled by advertising, influencers, fashion shows and makeup tutorials.
2. The darker hidden truth, a side that the industry does not want consumers to see. Fuelled by pain and death of innocent beings. We’re talking about the cruel and unnecessary industry of animal testing.

This campaign was created in 2019 to show the dark truth behind animal testing.

All too often, there is a connection between your beauty routine and the blood shed by animals to get the products into the cosmetics market - that we don't see in the fashion magazines. 
It's not gorgeous. It's ugly. It's unnecessary and cruel

These images depict the common steps of a beauty routine, but there is something else present in these images; something the glossy facade of the beauty industry prefers to keep hidden. The blood of millions of animals which have suffered and lost their lives to make these products. It's in your toothpaste, blush, eye make-up, lipstick, hair spray and many other products. Ask yourself the question, "What cruelty is hiding in my personal care and beauty routine? Is there animal testing involved?"

You can do your part to stop the suffering by choosing certified cruelty free cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products via the CCF List.

Take action by speaking up for the voiceless and asking the Australian government to strengthen the current Industrial Chemicals Act here.

"No animal should ever suffer for the sake of human vanity. I believe we can use certified cruelty free products and achieve the same results, without the pain and suffering of animals." - Nicole


Thank you to Nicole Groch, CCF's cruelty free hair and make-up artist for inspiring and creating this powerful campaign. All make up and hair products used in this campaign are from CCF accredited companies (certified not tested on animals). Find the CCF List here.

Thank you to Michael Teo who created this campaign with CCF and kindly donated his time to photograph this important shoot. View his portfolio here.

Thank you to Natasha Maymon, our beautiful model - both inside and out; who kindly volunteered to be a part of this campaign.



What's hiding in your bathroom?

Are you applying cruelty to your skin?

Is there cruelty in that compact?

What's hiding in your beauty routine?

Is there cruelty on those lips?

You look bloody gorgeous.

But at whose expense?

Choose Cruelty Free.

It's gorgeous - without the cruelty.

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