This Won’t Hurt A Bit

This Won’t Hurt Billboard Banned


How Would You Feel?In November 2010, Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania (AACT) approached Choose Cruelty Free about using our “This won’t hurt a bit” image, designed by June Ball, on a billboard to raise public awareness of animal testing in the cosmetics industry. We were delighted to be able to help, and proud to place our logo, alongside AACT’s, on the billboard.

The billboard was on display, in a number of sites, from February 2011 until February of 2012, and attracted a great deal of interest. Unfortunately, AACT received notification from the Advertising Standards Bureau that a complaint had been received from a single member of the public about violence depicted in the image.

Unbelievably, the Advertising Standards Bureau, an industry-run body, ruled in favour of the complainant, and the billboard was banned in Australia.

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