Despite a wealth of alternatives, many fashion designers have resumed using real fur in their collections, turning their backs on the shocking suffering endured by animals reared on fur farms. 

Furs are loaded with chemicals to keep them from decomposing in the buyer’s closet, and fur production pollutes the environment and gobbles up precious resources. And don’t forget: Unlike faux fur, the ‘real thing’ causes millions of animals to suffer every single year.

Cruelty in fur farms is still occuring today. You can watch the distressing footage from an undercover Humane Society investigation filmed in October 2019 which shows foxes and minks on a Finland Fur Farm here.

Find out more about current (2020) fur farms investigated by Coalition Against Fur Farms in the US here.

Then, take action below.



Fur coats, trim, toys and accessories continue to be stocked and sold by Australian retailers. With so many humane alternatives available, why consumers still support this inherently cruel industry is a mystery to most. 


Caring consumers regularly provide us with photos and contact details for Australian fur retailers. We write to the retailers, provide information about the fur/angora trade, encourage the stores to discontinue selling fur products and to join the Animals Australia Fur-Free Shopping List.

The photos on this page have been taken by consumers or published online by the retailer since 2016. The stores have been approached by Choose Cruelty Free and consumers. We have politely asked them to reconsider the part they play in the suffering and misery of animals born, bred and raised in appalling conditions only to be killed  for “fashion”.

After you make your own complaint to the retailer, send your photos and any contact details you have to us by e-mail and we’ll also get in touch with them.

Download here Choose Cruelty Free’s anti-fur brochure which highlights the cruel rabbit fur trade and share it with retailers, friends and colleagues.

Please – don’t damage goods that are not your own!  Be polite and try to change hearts and minds through education and sharing verified information.

Don’t rely on price as your guide and be careful relying on the material identifier labels. Many consumers believe that if it’s cheap it must be fake, which is not the case. Here’s a handy guide to help you identify real from fake (faux).

If in any doubt, leave it on the rack and choose to #givefurtheflick


"Each year well in excess of 50 million animals still suffer and die as victims of the international fur trade." - Humane Society International


  • Use the Animals Australia fur-free shopping guide and support the retailers that say no to fur.

  • Boycott designers/shops who are using/selling fur products and tell them to stop supporting cruelty.

  • Use the information provided in this article to counter claims that the fur industry has cleaned up its act and that animals raised in captivity don’t know any better.

  • Write to newspapers describing why you think fur (and fur trim) is disgusting.

  • Remember – animal industries are designed to maximise profits – always at the expense of the animal’s welfare and comfort, and always at the expense of their lives.

Snuggle Coats (Australia) – giving fur back to the animals

“We all know that there is nothing sexy or beautiful about wearing a second-hand fur – so now it’s time to give them back to the animals. The fur industry is a cruel and outdated business and must come to an end. However, there are furs currently in existence that hide away in garages or were gifted to people by a well-meaning relative. These furs often end up as land fill – or lingering in charity shops. Well, it’s time to dust them off and donate them to Snuggle Coats.


We cannot undo the cruelty of the past – but we can partially counteract it by helping hundreds of animals each year. 

So, this is the part where you can help! If you have any furs to donate, questions, or are an Animal Group that thinks they could benefit from the furs – then contact us.

Read all about Snuggle Coats’ wonderful initiative on their website.

Australian Retailers Still Selling Fur

Tell your local retailer to stop selling fur. Click on the images below to contact these Australian stores to let them know you want them to join the #furfree movement

Mode and Affaire

Elodie Cropped Fur Jacket. "Boasting a cropped ultra femme silhouette and luxe longer 100% raccoon fur, this beauty will take you confidently from the alter to the dance floor." - Mode and Affaire (Western Australia)


Cashmere Beanie. "This 100% Cashmere Beanie features a detachable, animal fur Pom Pom that ensures an easy wash without damaging the trim." - Cable (Melbourne)

Harmony and Lawson Perth

Paris Jacket. "Classic rabbit fur cropped jacket with raccoon fur trim." - Harmony and Lawson (Perth)

Alma Black Coat. "100% Fur" - Wish (Sydney)

Mink Fur Wish

Mink Fairy Tail Fur Coat. “Made from an ultra soft and beautiful fur. It’s just below your waistline and looks great worn with chic dresses or paired back with denim. 100% Fur.” - Wish (Sydney)


Georgia Fur Jacket. "Genuine Rabbit Fur. Note: for the first few wears it is normal that the fur will shed a little. After a few wears the shedding will stop." - Fox Maiden (Melbourne)

Harmony and Lawson Perth

Majorca Vest. "100% Rabbit Fur" - Harmony and Lawson (Perth)

Wish 2

“Made from the softest fur our ultra luxe Night Wanderer Fur Vest will add glamour to anything you love wearing during the cooler months. It has a slight waterfall on the front and skims your high-hip. 100% Angora.” - Wish (Sydney)

Mode and Affair 1

“The Daily Parka with Fur Hood in Khaki is a waterproof mid length parka jacket lined with incredibly warm rabbit fur. This jacket has gorgeous deep pockets and a fur lined hood with a raccoon fur trim.” - Mode and Affaire (Western Australia)