“Everyday is an experience in the music industry and we love every minute of it – the performance side and the creative side. An exciting part about it is the travelling, being able to perform in countries we’ve never been to. We had sooooo much fun in Asia which was a one month tour all around. The fans are fanatics but very sweet….lots of fun times!

When we were in Phuket, Thailand, for a Sony conference, there was a gorgeous baby elephant walking around the hotel. Everyone fell in love with it and there was a box where you could donate money to help the baby elephants. It was good because you get really attached to it and then when you hear the stuff that happens to elephants you become more compassionate and willing to help.

When we were in Singapore we were very lucky to be asked to swim with the pink dolphins. They were soooooo friendly and cute. As sisters and a band, we see each other 24/7 and yeah, sometimes we get on each nerves and drive each other crazy! But we’re best of friends and when we aren’t working we hang out together anyway…

We were very fortunate to be involved with World Vision last year – it is such a fantastic organisation. We were the ambassadors and enjoyed every minute of it! We know we are very lucky to live the life we live and we appreciate it by helping out as much as we can to give a little back. If we can encourage people to sponsor a child by the success we’ve had then we know we have really made a difference.

We always love to be home for Christmas. After all the crazy travelling, touring, stress, success, fun, laughter…we like to come back to normality with our family and friends.

Choosing cruelty-free products is something we like to do, especially with make-up. It just feels wrong to know that animals are being treated so poorly for our vanity! Whenever we can, we spread the word around. Our Celebrity Tips on shows and magazines and our make- up tips are always just support the cruelty free message!

You guys are doing a fantastic job…..if we can create as much awareness as we can by spreading the word it will sink in. Keep up the good work!

Our personal hopes and dreams are to stay close as a family just the way we are and have a happy and respected success for the loooooonggg term in the music industry! We are very excited because there is a very strong possibility that we will go to India to spend some time there and experience the culture for ourselves.” – Sharon & Chrissie.

“Animal testing is disgusting. There are a lot of really good cruelty free products out there. Often products that aren’t tested are better in other ways too – less chemicals and less damaging to the environment.”