World Week for Animals in Laboratories

20th-26th April marks the annual World Week for Animals in Laboratories 🐱🐭🐰🐵🐮

Friday, April 24th 2020 is World Day for Laboratory Animals. It was instituted in 1979 and has been a catalyst for the movement to end the suffering of animals in laboratories around the world and their replacement with advanced scientific non-animal techniques. The suffering of millions of animals all over the world is commemorated on every continent.

Here at CCF, we know the power in our individual choices. Every action you take part in, you can create change, whether it's purchasing cruelty free skin care, adopting your next pet, or donating to an ethical charity. You have power to create change by choice.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead 

What can you do to take action against animal testing this week, and onwards? We've broken it down for you into three key components:


- Don't buy into cruelty. Choose certified Cruelty Free cosmetics, skin care, and household products here via our CCF List or download our free App.

- Become a CCF Member and purchase CCF Merchandise to support our campaigns

- Reach out to companies you can't find on the list and ask why their not certified with Choose Cruelty Free

- Spread the cruelty free message with your friends. Share your favourite CCF certified products and tag us @Choose_Cruelty_Free

- Follow us on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


In Australia, over 20 million animals were used in research and teaching in 2017 (latest figures available).

Ask your local MP to implement the 3R’s and work towards replacing animals in experiments in Australia.

95% of drugs tested ‘successfully’ on animals fail when they are translated to humans.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are asking you to thank the scientists who are embracing modern methods to accelerate COVID-19 research without the use and torture of animals.

There are safe, ethical, and cost effective methods to research, for the benefit of health and science - without the unnecessary testing on animals. Find out more animal free alternatives here.


Compassion is one of CCF's key values.

Download our Student Education Booklet in PDF or email us to receive printed copies:

Adopt your next pet. Here's some of the organisations we work with in Victoria and Australia:

Support charities which don't test on animals. The Humane Charities List is a guide to health-related charities that do not fund or engage in animal testing. By donating to any of the charities on this list, you will be directing vital funding towards organisations that do not fund animal testing. Follow the Humane Charities List here.

Share your thoughts against animal testing on social media / have a conversation with a friend or family member about why this matters to you.

Together, we can make change through choice.

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