It's time to ban duck shooting in Victoria and invest in nature

27 October 2020

Kerrie from Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting states that visitors are seeking nature-based tourism, and we agree. Let us invest in bird watching, camping and nature activities, instead of duck shooting - it's a win for the environment and the economy.

"Our new economy can't be the same as the old.

From the Auditor-General's report and SGS Economics analysis (2016 and 2018) which showed rural Victoria's communities were faring worse than other states, to the Census data released March 2018 depicting the vast majority of the most disadvantaged areas in Victoria were rural including Loch Sport and Cann River, it can't be any clearer. Victoria's rural towns are in serious financial trouble. There is little investment required. The assets are already here. That is, if we stop killing them off."

Read full article by Gippsland Times here.

Read full article by Courier here.

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