Australia will ban the use of animal test data for cosmetics by July 2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

18 February 2019


The Australian Senate passed the Government’s Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017 banning the use of animal test data for cosmetics by July 2020. What does this mean? As of 1 July 2020, no new animal testing data can be used to determine the safety of chemicals that are used solely as ingredients in cosmetics.

Choose Cruelty Free would most like to thank our loyal supporters who have added their voice to our petition with over 148,000 signatures, who have handed out postcards, signed them, contacted their local member of parliament, shared our CCF List, and shared our posts over the last twenty years. It is now evident that Australian consumers want to purchase cruelty-free products, and don't want animals harmed in any process of their cosmetics, household, cleaning and personal care products. We have achieved this as a collective.

This bill was announced over three years ago now, and we will continue to keep the pressure on the government to enforce this ban as soon as possible, as animals will continue to suffer until then.

As consumers, it is now even more important to support companies that are accredited as cruelty-free, and use the Choose Cruelty Free List as a valued resource.

We urge you to remind the government of this promise, and keep the pressure on them as they head into an election in May. Post cards are still available from our office, and we welcome you to sign and share our petition which currently has over 138,000 caring consumers signatures voicing their desire to ban cosmetics tested on animals in Australia. Choose Cruelty Free will continue to provide free, independent advice to Australian consumers on this issue. 

Read the full release here.

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