Logona and Sante

Logona and SanteLogona and Sante are world renowned German brands of natural cosmetics, hair and skin care products. They are now available in Australia.

What makes these two brands unique is that they are manufactured and produced in accordance with the strictest ecological and ingredient standards. Logona and Sante won’t compromise on quality or purity. The result is superior quality products that speak for themselves when you use them.

To capture the essence of what both Logona and Sante stand for, pure, stunning and natural beauty, I aimed to create a clean, fresh look. I kept make-up on the face to a minimum, whilst enhancing the eyes and lips of our two beautiful models, Mary (blonde) left and Katherine (brunette) right.

  1. To both girls I applied a base foundation of Logona Fond De Teint Fluide in Perle
  2. To bring a glow to the cheeks I actually used Sante No. 11 Lipstick, and blended it in naturally, then used a light brush of Bronze Shimmer over the top to highlight upper cheekbones
  3. On Katherine’s eyes I applied Sante Puder Trio Terra No. 71, and on Mary’s eyes Sante Puder Trio in Verde No.72
  4. On Katherine I lined the top and bottom lashes with Sante Liquid Eyeliner No.1 and then, using Logona Eyeliner 01, I lined the inside rim of her lower lashes. To line Mary’s eyes on the inside and lower lashes I used Logona Eyeliner 06 Green
  5. Both girls lashes where swept through with Logona Black Mascara
  6. I then applied Sante Lipstick No.17 topped off with a coat of Sante Lipgloss No.1 to Katherine’s lips. On Mary I used Sante Lipstick in No.16 with the same gloss in No. 1 over the top
  7. Sante’s Shiny Copper 16 Nail polish was applied to Mary’s nails
  8. To complete the look for both girls, their hair was styled and defined in soft loose waves using Logona Gel

These are two very stunning looks that are natural, yet beautifully glamorous!