Krista Vendy

“My family, on both sides, are in the entertainment industry either as actors or as musicians. I’ve always been a bit of an actor, since I was little. My dad would say ‘I was born to act’! I started in modelling as a base to get into acting. During this stint I did some live theatre, including Shakespeare, which was very interesting and very nerve-wracking.

Getting the role in Neighbours was a great stepping stone for my career. I’m still surprised I got it – I auditioned for three different parts at three different times before I got the role. I went in as a brunette and they didn’t see me so I went back as a blonde and I got it!

With any acting part it’s not just based on your skills but having a certain spark – a look that will catch people’s imagination. Strangely, it was the third audition, I had three call backs and it was down to three girls. So, third time lucky! My advice to people who want to break into this industry, or any other for that matter, is don’t ever be discouraged, don’t listen to people who try to bring your down.

If it’s in your heart and you’ve got faith in yourself then you can do anything!

I’ve done several guest roles including Blue Heelers, a role in the movie Horseplay and one of my favourite parts was a short scene in Shockjock which was hilarious. I went to London and did panto. I played Cinderella. I performed twice a day for six weeks. The challenge was to make your character fresh every time, like you are doing it for the first time.

If I weren’t acting I’d be in politics or an archaeologist. I love Indiana Jones! I read archaeology books all the time and I’m planning to do a tour where you go on a digging expedition with the archaeologists.

I’m totally against testing products on animals. My skin is very sensitive so I can imagine how the animals feel when they test cosmetics on them. I feel so sorry for the critters going through that as I know how much burning and irritation it causes me. They’re the guinea pigs, and then we are anyway as it doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on them as it does on us. My advice is to go natural. It’s proven better for yourself, the animals and the environment.

To the company’s who continue to test I suggest that if you don’t care about those things, then think of your profit margins. You’re going to make more money in the long term by going natural.”

“The animals are the ‘guinea pigs’, and then we are anyway as it doesn’t necessarily have the same effect on them as it does on us”