The Kindness Club

“I’m writing back to you reporting on my CCF campaign at my small school in Western Australia’s wheatbelt, where I am a student in year 5.Kindness Club

First of all I worked out a plan. Then I asked my Principal for permission to run my campaign, and he was happy with that. I planned to start by putting a booklet in the senior classes years 5, 6, 7, and find some helpers in those years.

Things turned out well because the Principal took me to each class to give a little talk about what I was doing. During the talks I was able to see who was most interested and supportive and I asked those kids if they would like to be my helpers.

Then I wrote a letter to those kids on the computer and printed it out, asking for their help and telling them what was involved. I said they would be acknowledged in a letter to the Principal, and that I’d mention them in my reports to the CCF office and Facebook page. I gave them special stickers and reminded them that they would feel good about supporting animals.

All the kids I wrote to were happy to help and we made plans to do our leaflet, postcard and booklet handout a couple of days later. We decided the best time to do this would be after lunch when the kids were returning to their classes, because we wanted them to look after the stuff we’d given them and not get careless with it during lunch.

We met up early and set up at the best spot and gave out postcards, leaflets and booklets. We did not force the stuff on kids who showed no interest, we realised the message was too important to waste on people who did not want it.

We handed out all the stuff that I’d planned to, having kept some for other people and places.

I later visited the junior classes 1, 2, 3 and got a mixed response from the teachers. Later I got teased by a teacher who asked me ‘didn’t I like hot dogs?’ I told him I was a vegetarian. Then he asked me ‘didn’t I like choc milk?’ and I told him I only drink non-dairy milk like soy. He went a bit quiet after that.

Baby RabbitSo now I have completed stage 1 of my campaign at the school, and my parents are helping me get the booklets and pamphlets into other places. I have three helpers which forms the start of our Kindness Club at school.”

“The hard part is coming and we need to get a bit bigger and stronger as we live in a rural community where there are factory farms and farms supporting live export. Most of the kids in school are farmer’s kids and all the most popular ones are. When we start handing out stuff against this we are going to find enemies all over the place. I have joined PETA, Animals Australia, Mercy for Animals and Sea Shepherd. I am now a vegetarian – and so is my family. This is our second month and we won’t be going back.” Jane, 11 years old.

(Jane’s name has been changed so that we may share her story with you.)