International Rabbit Day: 26th September

There is no beauty in animal testing. But, there is great beauty and hope in the following stories and photographs, written and shared by caring CCF supporters, all for the love of the amazing rabbit!

At Choose Cruelty Free we decided that International Rabbit Day is definitely worthy of celebration. The much-maligned rabbit endures all sort of horrors – whether factory farmed for their meat or killed for their beautiful soft fur. In their millions, the New Zealand White Rabbit is bred into a vile factory farm environment, sold to laboratories where they are experimented on multiple times, then they are killed in the name of human “beauty”.

Did you know that when rabbits are happy, they will jump and twist? This is called a “binky”. Did you know that rabbits are easily house-trained to use a litter-tray? Rabbits are very expressive and sensitive animals and are capable of all kinds of quirky and endearing behaviour, behaviours we would perhaps normally associate with pet dogs or cats. However, being prey animals (rather than predatory animals) means they communicate in an entirely different way and have different needs.

If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit there are plenty of reputable groups out there very happy to help you decide whether a pet rabbit is right for your family and to share information about the proper care of house rabbits.

Smudge & Maelee

by Felice, Mount Gambier, South Australia (September 2013)

My first rescue bun: Smudge

Smudge (1)I found Smudge (originally Snuggles) running around the neighbourhood, scared and hungry the week before another of my rabbits passed away during a surgery. After catching him and taking him back to his home I discovered he was sharing dog biscuits with a Rottweiler! As much as I didn’t want to make him go back to that environment, I was surprised when the owner said ‘you can have him’. I promptly took him home, removed all his matts, cut his severely overgrown toenails, removed the fleas and mites, dealt with the multiple broken toes, and later got him de-sexed.  He has now been an overly spoilt inside bun for over a year now and fills up his day but constantly doing happy flops! He is currently being bonded with my other rescue bun Maelee and he loves giving her kisses.

I’m so glad Smudge has came into my life and I was able to help him. I love you so much Smudgey! xx

My second rescue bun: Maelee

Maelee (1)Maelee (oringally Maeme) was being given away by a backyard dog breeder as she ‘was no good for breeding’ because her three litters died. I later found out that the owner’s entertainment was to allow the puppies chase both Maelee and the kits! She was underweight, covered in fleas, and had multiple broken toes, and severely frightened by everything! She has now been in my care for a year and is very social. She gets super excited and does the bunny 500 and binkies when she sees anyone going towards the fridge or pile of bananas. She is being bonded with Smudge and loves getting kisses from him. She has come out of her shell immensely and is flea free, de-sexed and always has a full tummy!

I’m so glad I found Maelee before it was too late and I could give her a much better life. I love you so much Maelee! xx




Smudge (2)Maelee (2)