Friends of CCF

Animals AustraliaAnimals Australia Believes that we can create a better world for all through promoting kindness to animals. Our goal is to significantly and permanently improve the welfare of all animals in Australia.

Humane Research AustraliaHRA Humane Research Australia A non-profit organisation that challenges the use of animals in research.

Humane CharitiesHumane Charities (Australia) Charities that recognise that real medical progress can only be made through studying our own species.

Living SafeLiving Safe (Australia) Take care of your family, your kids, your animal companions and the planet.

Nicole GrochNicole Groch (Australia) Cruelty-free hair and makeup artist who has worked extensively in the fashion, advertising and music industries in Australia and overseas.

Animal Lib NSWAnimal Liberation NSW (Australia) The NSW Branch of Animal Liberation – an animal rights charity founded in 1976 by Christine Townend, based on the philosophies of Professor Peter Singer, as set out in his worldwide best-selling book Animal Liberation.

Animal Liberation VICAnimal Liberation Victoria (Australia) ALV is an abolitionist organisation. The underlying goal is to abolish the property status of animals.

Animals TasmaniaAnimals Tasmania (Australia)formerly Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania. A vegan lifestyle choice will put a stop to the suffering of non-human animals.

AAPS Australian Animal Protection Society (Australia) A.A.P.S. provides a range of animal welfare services, primarily through its Keysborough Animal Shelter, to the pets, pet owners and unwanted, lost and abandoned animals of the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and beyond. We are a community-based, non-government, not-for-profit organisation which is committed to achieving its Charter, which is ‘to work for the aid, assistance, protection and welfare of all animals’.

Bali Street DogsBali Street Dogs Fund (Australia) was established to address the welfare problems associated with the overwhelming number of dogs and cats on an island where Balinese people do not have the resources or knowledge to provide even the most basic care. The Bali Street Dog Fund was founded in 1999 and is a Registered Charity with the NSW Department of Gaming and Racing (CFN 16802). Everyone involved is an unpaid volunteer. Our mission is to enhance the welfare of dogs and cats in Bali by reducing the population through de-sexing; to provide veterinary care to alleviate their suffering; and to empower the Balinese people to care about their animals. Programs in Bali are currently run by our partner organisation, the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA), a grass roots organisation staffed by Balinese people. Our funding operates the De-sexing Program and contributes to their Education Program in schools and 24 hour emergency vehicle.

Beagle Rescue VictoriaBeagle Rescue Victoria (Australia) A registered charity, based in Melbourne, that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes beagles in Victoria.

Big Ears Animal SanctuaryBig Ears Animal Sanctuary (Australia) A 100% not-for-profit registered charity co-founded by Brett and Jacqui Steele and is administered by a board of five very animal-friendly people. The sanctuary is on a 25 acre property located in northern Tasmania.

BoingBOING (Australia) BOING provides information, tips and advice to help the community understand and responsibly care for domestic rabbits. The Bunologist newsletter provides monthly news and updates from around the world and locally on health & behaviour. BOING also highlights further activism through its Radical Rabbit website.

cruelty free internationalCruelty Free International (UK), formerly British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (UK) Cruelty Free International is one of the world’s leading organisations campaigning globally to end animal experiments.

dogstar_logoDogstar Foundation (Sri Lanka) is a non-profit organisation that improves the lives of stray dogs and cats in Sri Lanka. Dogstar offers free medical care and sterilisation for the thousands of street animals living in appalling conditions.

Edgar's MissionEdgar’s Mission (Australia) A not-for-profit organisation that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans.

Freedom for Farmed Rabbits logoFreedom for Farmed Rabbits (Australia) Freedom for Farmed Rabbits is an Australian-based group involved in uncovering the disturbing, cruel conditions that exist behind farm doors. We expose, campaign, petition, appeal and educate to stop the exploitation of rabbits for meat and fur.

hamstrongHamstrong (Canada) Our mission is to create animation that educates people so that we teach future generations to love and care for animals. The Hamstrong series is carefully crafted to fight against the mistreatment of domestic, farm, and wild animals, as well as cruelty towards lab animals. We hope to create a better tomorrow for all animals by using education as a method of prevention.

logo_squareversionHappy Cat Enclosures (Australia) provides affordable and top of the range cat enclosures. We use only top of the range stainless steel fixings and our cat netting is pre-stretched, heat set and guaranteed for ten years and our prices are the lowest and our quality the highest. We are also happy to say that we give a 5% discount to anybody that adopts or fosters.

Humane Society InternationalHumane Society International (USA) International animal protection organisation working to protect all animals including animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife. CCF is proud to support HSI in their international Be Cruelty-Free campaign.

Icon MediaAndrew Raszevski – Icon Media (Australia) Images to inspire and promote, helping people fulfill their goals and dreams.

Ingrid's HavenIngrid’s Haven (Australia) Cats for adoption, rescued and cared until new loving homes can be found.

Monash KillsMonashkills (Australia) Join the campaign against using animals in experiments at Monash University.

NARGANational Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc. is a group of like-minded people, mostly from rescue backgrounds, who were upset at the lack of support, power, status and recognition of the hard work that animal rescuers, foster carers and volunteers do. We put our heads together and came up with the idea of creating an organisation, just for them, so NARGA was born. Our goal is to provide a back up service to all animal rescuers; to give them support and to nurture their growth and effectiveness in a complacent society.

PETAPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (UK) PETA is the largest animal rights organisation in the world.

Radical RabbitRadical Rabbit (Australia) Encouraging the community to find a new understanding of a very misunderstood creature – the rabbit.

soi dog logoSoi Dog Foundation (Thailand) is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organisation in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand.

S.A.E.N.Stop Animal Exploitation Now (USA) S.A.E.N. will continue to fight for their freedom until all the laboratory cages are empty.

Te ProtejoTe Protejo (Chile) A Chilean organisation informing consumers of the many cruelty free products and brands that they can buy in Chile.

ThinkKindThinkKind (Australia) A free website for parents, teachers and students to find educational resources, activity sheets and learning materials to promote humane education. ThinkKind started in April 2013 and focuses on providing quality resources on the issue of animal welfare and protection.

UproarUPROAR (Australia) United Protection and Rescue Organisation for Animal Rights want to see an end to the completely unnecessary abuse and suffering of the billions of animals.

urban gypsy australiaUrban Gypsy Australia provides products and information that support healthy lifestyle choices, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. Through education and awareness we hope to inspire change “for a better planet”.

Vegan AustraliaVegan Australia is a new campaigning national vegan organisation. By working at a national level we can more effectively support the vegan community, inspire the public to adopt veganism and, importantly, present a strong voice for veganism to governments, institutions, corporations and the media.