General FAQ

Is Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) independent?

Yes, CCF is a self-funding, independent, non-profit organisation. CCF is not owned or controlled by any company on the CCF List. CCF does not have any financial interest in any accredited cruelty-free company.

How is CCF funded?

CCF is funded by subscriptions, license fees, merchandise sales, donations and various fundraising activities and events.

Some companies claim they are cruelty-free, but are not on the CCF List. Why?

They have not responded to our invitation to apply for accreditation. They have not been surveyed or they have declined to be surveyed. They do not meet the standards set by CCF. View CCF’s criteria for accreditation.
When you find a company that claims to be cruelty free but you can’t see them on the CCF List, take a few minutes to contact them via social media or email asking them why they are not accredited with Choose Cruelty Free. It’s important for companies to hear directly from consumers. The animals can’t speak up, so we have to give them a voice.

Why are some animal ingredients permitted under your accreditation scheme?

We believe in providing information and letting the individual consumer make up their mind. CCF is here to help Australian consumers find cosmetic, toiletry and household cleaning products that align with their personal ethics. The prime focus of our work is educating consumers and companies about the inherent cruelty of animal-testing. We categorise all companies on the CCF List, with distinctions made between the vegan and general list, so consumers can readily identify which companies only produce vegan products. If you object to the use of animal ingredients in consumer products, the first step is to tell the companies that are making them.

CCF will become 100% vegetarian by 2021. Read full release here.

The make-up I use is vegan, so it’s cruelty-free, correct?

No. Vegan status relates to whether or not animal ingredients or derivatives are used. Cruelty-free relates to animal experimentation and whether or not a product and its ingredients have been animal-tested. Read more about the distinction between cruelty-free and vegan.

How does CCF know the products on the CCF List are cruelty-free?

All companies on the CCF List are surveyed via a detailed questionnaire. The company must supply CCF with information and legally binding guarantees. View CCF’s criteria for accreditation.

How do I know a company is still compliant with your criteria?

Companies on the Choose Cruelty Free List (CCF List) are regularly asked to undergo re-accreditation to ensure that they still comply with CCF’s criteria for accreditation. There is no fee for re-accreditation. If a company declines to undergo re-accreditation it is removed from the CCF List and added to the Removed List on our website.

Why do some companies test on animals? Is it necessary?

No. Animal testing is not necessary to ensure consumer safety. Although the companies claim to be using these tests for consumer safety, many hundreds of companies worldwide do not test on animals. Animal testing is not designed to protect the consumer, but to protect the company against you in case you sue. If concern for the consumer is of paramount importance, then why do manufacturers consider using potentially dangerous substances in products such as cosmetics and toiletries? Surely, only ingredients which are known to be safe enough to be firstly and only tested on humans should be considered. Governments often impose animal-testing requirements on companies.

Why do some of the companies on your List use palm oil as an ingredient?

We encourage the companies on the CCF List to find and use alternatives to palm oil. Please refer to our palm oil page for more information on Choose Cruelty Free's stance on palm oil.

What are the tests performed on animals?

The most commonly used tests are the Lethal Dose and Draize Eye/Skin tests. These have been banned in Victoria but are still used extensively overseas where most research and development of new products takes place. View animal tests here.

Are there alternatives to animal testing?

Yes. Hundreds of companies use only natural ingredients with a long history of safe use, and/or one or more of the alternative methods of testing such as culture tests, computer models and human volunteer trials. View alternatives.

What can I do?

Only buy products that have not been tested on animals. Check the Choose Cruelty Free List and look out for the Not Tested on Animals Rabbit Logo (please note that not all companies on the CCF List use our logo on their packaging). By purchasing only approved cruelty-free products, you reward those companies that do not make profits by testing upon animals and voice your opposition to the cruel and unnecessary practice of animal testing used by others. 1. Tell companies that you look for independent verification of animal testing claims. It’s really important for them to hear directly from consumers. 2. Download and share our free resources – booklets, flyers, post cards, etc. 3. Become a member of the Choose Cruelty Free campaign. Join CCF or donate! 4. Check out our campaigns page and take action now!

What is your privacy policy?

Privacy Policy – Choose Cruelty Free Your Rights in Relation to Privacy Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) understands the importance of protecting the privacy of your Personal Information and adopts the Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act). This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use and disclose information about you, how we aim to protect the privacy of your Personal Information, and your rights in relation to your Personal Information. This Privacy Policy applies to CCF licensees and accredited parties. This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time. Kinds of Personal Information Through your use of this website, CCF may process your Personal Information. “Personal Information” is information about you, which could be used to identify you. We may process your Information by collecting, storing and/or using it in a manner described in this Privacy Policy. The kinds of Personal Information we process may include: information which you voluntarily provide; contact details such as your full name, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers; and details of CCF licensees and accredited parties, including their business names and business activities; contact details of third parties (where using the ‘email to a friend function’); and billing information, including credit card details. Whilst you are not under any obligation to provide us with your Personal Information, please be aware that we may be unable to provide you with our full range of services or accreditations unless we have received certain information from you. You must let us know as soon as practicable of any changes to your information, or if you are aware of any inaccurate, out of date, misleading or false information. Sensitive Personal Information We may also process Sensitive Personal Information about you where it is necessary for us to perform our services. Collection of Personal Information Generally, we will collect your Personal Information through: direct contact with you, whether in person or over the phone, email or post; the completion of accreditation or licence forms; the completion of online forms or submissions; or the completion of petitions, polls and surveys. When you use our Website, the following information may be logged for statistical purposes and for the purposes of marketing and advertising to you: the date and time of your visit to our Website; your IP address; pages that you accessed and documents downloaded; and the type of browser you were using. Cookies may be used on our Website. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to a computer’s hard drive for record keeping purposes. 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Can a cosmetics company state that they are cruelty free/not tested on animals without having the official CCF accreditation?

Yes. Any company can claim that they are cruelty free. That's why it's important to check the CCF List to ensure that you are buying certified cruelty free products.