Express Yourself

Express YourselfThey say a picture paints a thousand words. Since the dawn of the human race, people have been telling stories though art. The creative spirit is able to capture ‘the essence’ in a way that speaks to us at a deep level of understanding. Art, in all its forms, invites us to experience the world in a different way.

Do you have the urge to create a cruelty-free world, to dream of what could be? Choose Cruelty Free invites you to express yourself through images, music, prose, or any other art form of your choice. Let’s help people imagine a better world!

To start the ball rolling, Choose Cruelty Free supporter, Bridget Acreman, has produced a brilliant 2D animation depicting the liberation of both an innocent rabbit, and consumers of animal-tested beauty products. See her animation on Vimeo

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Watch this terrific one minute Public Service Announcement: Is that cruelty free? by filmmaker Justin Hartwell.

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Read about 11 year old Jane’s Kindness Club she started at her school!

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Students from the University of Western Australia held a bake sale and CCF stall in May 2014 to increase awareness of CCF campaigns and to raise much-need funds to support our work.UWA Event

More then 200 campaign postcards were signed while students and staff munched away on tasty treats. Thanks go to Jessica and her fellow students for a really successful event!

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Ellen from Harristown QLD felt so strongly about the issue of animal testing that her first tattoo was that of the CCF Rabbit! “That way, I always have a reminder.” Ellen's Tattoo

Daniel's Tattoo

Long-term CCF supporter Daniel of Happy Cat Enclosures went all-out to declare his support for the cruelty-free message. Love your work!

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A lovely anecdote from Janine that she was happy for us to share:

Just wanted to share this with you, this is a conversation I had with my 8 year old daughter, Summer, not long ago.

Summer asked me a poignant question the other day. “Why do they test make up and stuff on animals when their skin is different to ours? What it does to the animals won’t be the same to what it does to us.” All I could tell her is that many of us ask that question and while people continue to buy those products, animals will keep being tested on. “But not us, Mum.” That’s right Summer, not us.

I am so pleased she is already thinking of these things. I can give her information, but she still has to make the connection for herself. And she is.

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Jennifer Kate Rabbit Fur VestLia Savron of Eco Beauty Box made a significant cash donation to CCF early in 2013 and we were interested to find out a little more. Lia said, “I recently also took a good, hard look at the clothing I was wearing and realised my ignorance towards animal-derived clothing was still contributing to animal cruelty, so decided to sell my Jennifer Kate fur vest on Ebay (purchased when I honestly, and stupidly, believed the bunnies would have been killed ‘humanely’) and, having done quite well out of the auction have decided I would like to donate all of the proceeds to Choose Cruelty Free“.

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Join us in sending a big THANK YOU to the students and school community of Wilderness School in South Australia who in June 2013 raised over $200 for Choose Cruelty Free as part of their Year 12 Society and Culture Group Task! Special hugs go to Bec, Candy, Gemma and Georgia. Wilderness School Fundraising

CCF has free resource materials available for students and teachers who want to learn more about cruelty-free cosmetics. Most people are shocked that this cruel, painful and unnecessary testing is still conducted. Please e-mail if you would like more information or if you are planning a fundraising event to support our campaign.

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 Talented Year-12 design student Albert Giglia created the following high-impact advertisements for Choose Cruelty Free. Love or hate them, they are certainly very powerful.

 Albert Giglia_Image 4_LR
Albert Giglia_Image 3_LR

Albert Giglia_Image 2_LR
Albert Giglia_Image 1_LR