Ere Perez

Ere PerezEre Perez products are stunning. Ere has created a cosmetic range using natural ingredients that nourish the skin, making you beautiful both inside and out.

Her products are full of vitamins and organic oils, and are free of perfumes and chemical colourants.

As we are heading into summer, there in nothing more alluring than a glowing, warm face with copper hues to bring out the eyes.

This look will compliment almost all skin tones and complexions.

    1. To begin, make sure the face is clean, dry and free of grease. Then, with the Natural Face Blender Brush, apply Ere Perez Tinted Rice Powder , Bronzed Tones SPF 15 over the entire face, neck , ears and anywhere else you want tanned skin
    2. Using your brush, apply to the apples of the cheek, a mix of the above colour with the lighter of the two shades in the Natural Tinted Rice Powder, Rose Tones SPF15. This gives a soft colour. If you want rosier cheeks just combine both colours in the Rose Tones and apply more heavily
    3. To highlight the eyelids apply a mix of Natural Chamomile Eye Colour in “Beginning to End”
    4. Then, on lower lids, eye sockets and under the lower lashes, apply the red brick colour in the Natural Chamomile Eye Colour “That’s Hot” combo.
    5. Line the inside of the lower rim of the eyes with Natural Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil in Black
    6. Comb through the lashes a generous amount of Natural Almond Oil Mascara in Black
    7. Define the eyebrows with Natural Aloe Vera Gel Mascara in Clear.
    8. Then, to add a soft colour and gloss to the lips, apply Natural Rosehip Oil Lipbar in NUDE

The result is a beautiful, natural, summer glow that nourishes and protects your skin instead of frying it.
Thank you so much to Ere Perez for supplying her beautiful range of cosmetics