Earth’s Beauty

Earth's BeautyThe Earth’s Beauty line of pure loose powder make-up was developed for those who are sensitive or allergic to traditional cosmetics, or for those who prefer to use more natural based products.

Earth’s Beauty products use minimal ingredients, therefore the majority of their products come in a loose powder form, although they do have a lovely range of lip glosses and cream concealers.

The base of their products is a blend of organic and wildcrafted arrowroot with added natural colourings.

The consistency feels incredibly lightweight on the face and it does not irritate the skin.

Why I love this brand (apart from the truly beautiful and natural colour range) is that I can use Earth’s Beauty on my clients with the confidence that I am using a pure and safe product without potentially dangerous ingredients like talc (a suspected carcinogen).

When using loose mineral powder foundations there are a few important rules of application:

  • Your skin needs to be oil free and clean before applying, otherwise the powders will adhere to any oily patches on your face and cause the pigment in the colours to darken as if they have been wet. This gives a blotchy, uneven look.
  • The best way to apply the foundations, blushes and eye shadows is with soft, clean and dry cosmetic brushes (synthetic animal free bristles of course). Tap some product into the lid of the container and swirl your brush in it then tap off the excess and apply to the face in a gentle sweeping swirling motion – then lightly brush away excess in gentle downward strokes.

To use the eyeliner powders or any of the other eye shadows or blush colours as eyeliners – I suggest you use a cotton bud or a small very fine and pointy brush.

For a light natural look use the product dry and for a more dramatic and sexier, long lasting look, moisten the tip of your brush or cotton bud with a little water and then mix into a thin paste on the back of your hand. Then paint on as a liquid eyeliner.