true beauty is choosing cruelty free cosmetics

This photographic campaign has been created to show that there is no need to use cosmetic brands that still test on animals in order to achieve high-end, glamorous, fashion-forward looks.

My name is Nicole Groch. I am a professional cruelty free, hair and make-up artist and you can view my portfolio here.


For over 15 years I have volunteered my skills to work as CCF’s official cruelty free hair and make-up artist, and I also volunteer as their PR Director.

My work shows others that you can still create all the current, fashionable hair and make-up styles by using only cosmetic products created by companies that are committed to never testing their products on animals and have taken the time and effort to be accredited by CCF.

I would like to thank Andrew Raszevski of Icon Media, a truly talented, Melbourne-based photographer. Andrew is an incredible photographer, who has also for over 15 years donated his skills to shooting all our CCF beauty images. You can view his portfolio here.

This campaign series features products donated by licensees from the Choose Cruelty Free List (CCF List). These companies are invaluable in supporting CCF’s work and I thank them for taking part.

A big thanks also to Brazen Models & Colors Entertainment and all the beautiful models, both inside and out who volunteered to be a part of this campaign.

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