There is a reason the Choose Cruelty Free List is trusted by Australian consumers. We investigate down the supply chain to ensure that the applying brand, owning company, contract manufacturers and ingredient suppliers all comply with our criteria.


We certify based on the five year (or +) rolling rule whereby all products and ingredients must be free of animal testing by the applying brand, owning company, contract manufactures, ingredient suppliers and anyone acting on their behalf for a period of five years immediately preceding the date of application for accreditation.

In addition, CCF will not certify brands who sell in retail markets that require animal testing i.e. China. 


To be eligible to apply for Choose Cruelty Free accreditation and CCF listing, your business must:

1. Sell products to Australian consumers online and/or retail;

2. Produce cosmetics, toiletries and/or household cleaning products;

3. Ideally be fully established for one year;

4. Have an ABN (or equivalent for offshore companies);

5. Have a business e-mail address and an operational website;

6. Not tested any ingredients, formulations or finished products on animals within the last 5 years, at a minimum.

7. Not sell in retail stores in mainland China. 


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Choose Cruelty Free is Australia's only independent body that certifies cosmetics, personal care and household care items that have not been tested on animals. Certified brands are listed on the Choose Cruelty Free List - a free resource produced and distributed to the community in print and digital form to enable consumers to make informed choices. Becoming certified with Choose Cruelty Free is integral for any business producing cosmetics, personal care or household products, particularly those built on strong ethics. Here's why.   


Consumers are more likely to buy products that have not been tested on animals. Becoming certified will ensure your products are considered by shoppers who care about animal testing. 


Certification is an extremely affordable undertaking. The cost is only $100 and valid for the life of your company, provided you continue to meet the eligibility requirements as you grow. 


You will have the opportunity to participate in marketing and promotional activities that target your audience at no cost to you through our website, social media, email, print media and events.


You will become part of a collective of businesses that are working to create a kinder world for all living beings. This is an action step towards being the change you want to see in the world.

CCF has a strict policy on animal-derived ingredients. CCF will not accredit an applying brand if any of its products contain any of the following ingredients:

  • Derived from an animal killed specifically for the extraction of that ingredient;

  • Forcibly extracted from a live animal in a manner that occasioned pain or discomfort;

  • Derived from any wildlife;

  • That are by-products of the fur industry; or

  • That are slaughterhouse by-products (meaning the animal was not killed specifically for the ingredient, but that the ingredient was available due to the animal being killed for other purposes).

  • Derived in a way that results in the death of that animal or insect either directly or indirectly

  • Derived from fish or crustaceans

Animal derived ingredients that are currently accepted are:

  • Honey, beeswax & propolis

  • Lanolin

  • Milk products

Once approved you will be classified as one of the below: 

An important note on "BP" Blood products: 
As of October 2019, in line with our cruelty-free ethos and consumer conscience, CCF will no longer certify any new companies containing 'blood products' (companies that meet the non animal testing rule but have products that may contain animal ingredients sourced from slaughterhouse by-products or killed insects). Companies that are presently certified with CCF and categorised as 'bp' on our list will be encouraged and supported to transition to alternative ingredients by 2021 to remain accredited with CCF.

As a non-profit organisation CCF requests payment of a one-off administrative fee of AUD$100 to cover the costs we incur during the accreditation process. The admin fee is payable upon submission of a completed application for accreditation.


If the application is successful, the company receives for the duration of its accreditation a complimentary listing on the CCF list in all current formats - printed, online and mobile app. CCF produces and distributes all materials to the public free of charge.The company also receives one announcement via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and listing in the monthly CCF eUpdate.


The Not Tested on Animals Rabbit is a registered trademark of Choose Cruelty Free Ltd. In order to use the logo on your packaging, website or promotional material companies must sign a licensing agreement and pay an annual licensing fee after you have been accredited.


The fee is calculated based on the gross annual sales of your company in a tiered system. Detailed information about license fees and tiers is made available upon your enquiry.


There is no obligation to take out a License to be part of the CCF List.



Animal safety and wellbeing has always been so important in my life and I need people to understand that what they buy is what it says it is. The CCF Logo brings so much respect and credibility to a brand as the process of accreditation is stringent and hard to ‘fake’. It’s up to you as an individual to change your habits and understand the effects of your seemingly small part on the world because if we all did our Lil’Bit, it really would make a difference.


Since the very beginning of Be Genki, we have been proudly cruelty-free and vegan. It was and is a no-brainer for us to avoid all ingredients and suppliers who conducted animal testing or who conduct inhumane practices on animals. Animal testing is NOT necessary, kind or acceptable. Every choice we make as humans has a flow on effect, so to make the choice to conduct our business free of cruelty is one of the little things we do to help make the world a kinder place.


Synergie Skin is proud to display CCF's iconic bunny logo on all of our packaging and branding. Its certification is one that we hold with great honour as part of our core commitments. ALL industries, especially beauty, need to do the right thing and move towards ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free practices. Alternatives to animal testing are not only more ethical, but also generate more accurate research. With the bunny icon, our customers know they are supporting an Australian brand that matches their morals and values.