Choose Cruelty Free Australia joins Cruelty Free International family


On June 1st 2021, Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) merged with the highly respected organisation, Cruelty Free International, and by doing so joined forces with the leading organisation working to end animal experiments worldwide. As part of the merger, our CCF accreditation programme will become part of the global Leaping Bunny family.

This is such an important and positive step forward in the global fight to ending animal testing of cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products!


Becoming one programme will make help make cruelty free shopping easier, give more choice to consumers and give us more power to drive change and make a real difference for animals. Coming together, we will have a stronger voice to encourage more and more companies to become cruelty free and help us in our global fight to end animal testing.


The merger also means that our wonderful, Australian cruelty free companies will now receive the international recognition they deserve, and they in turn will be able to grow their ethical brands globally. There will also be more brands around the world following the gold standard, unified in their pledge to do all that they can to end animal testing.


Joining together is a sign of our commitment to one international standard for cruelty free approval, run by the leading global organisation. By uniting with Cruelty Free International, we will have the power and voice to challenge animal testing globally and achieve our shared vision to end animal testing for cosmetics. Of course, it is our shared hope that one day there will no longer be animal testing anywhere in the world!

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