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CCF Petition

Online Petition: Ban Cosmetics Tested on Animals Choose Cruelty Free, Humane Research Australia and Animals Australia are asking members of the global public to join us in petitioning the Australian Government to implement a ban on the sale of all cosmetics that are tested on animals. Since 2014, 35 other Australian groups have endorsed the Petition making a total of 38 groups calling for a ban. Click on the image to the left or here to sign and/or share the petition.

Free Stop Testing Postcards

Postcard: Stop Testing  Let’s ban the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Read about the campaign and get your free postcards here or click the image on the left. Join us in our ongoing campaign against testing cosmetics on animals by sending pre-addressed postcards to the federal Minister for Health. At the time of writing, CCF has distributed more than 170,000 postcards.

How Would You Feel? Poster

PosterThis won’t hurt a bit A2 poster demonstrating on a human being what animals are forced to suffer in the laboratory. Get yours here.

Queensland Trains

Queensland Trains 2012Some Products are Still Tested on Animals Poster campaign which ran for three months on the Brisbane train network.

How Much More Can You Wear?

Melbourne Trains 2012How Much More Can You Wear? This CCF advertisement was displayed on metro trains in Melbourne in 30 of their carriages in June, July and August 2012. It was also shown in 200 Bourke St on four digital screens. CCF had a huge response from the general public who were concerned that animals continue to suffer painful experiments in the name of beauty. CCF will continue its campaign to make the public aware that many cosmetic companies have not stopped testing their products on animals.

Metro Trains October 2013

Melbourne Trains 2013: Poster in 30 carriages for three months on Melbourne’s metro train network.

Warren Ad

TV AdBright Eyes State of the art 30 second 3D animation featuring Warren the research rabbit. Read about it here or watch it on You Tube.

Fur Murder

Poster & BrochureFur Murder We urge everyone to boycott this vile trade and the designers who profit from it. Read more about fur on our website.

This Won't Hurt A Bit

Short filmThis won’t hurt a bit The campaign was designed to show, on humans, the sorts of reactions animals suffer during testing. Watch it on YouTube.

Better Off Dead

PosterBetter off dead? The theme was long-term testing on animals. The model’s lips were sewn shut using special effects make-up to symbolise that animals have no voice.

How Would You Feel?

PostcardHow would you feel? Postcard to The Body Shop/L’Oreal asking them to stop testing on animals.

No Fur Madeleine West

PostcardNo Fur Actress Madeleine West posed for this poster. She said, “Faux, darling, faux. It’s the new black!”

No Fur Suzie Wilks

PosterSay No To Fur Suzie Wilks “I am shocked and disgusted at the thought of people wearing fur as a fashion statement… be ashamed, very ashamed.”

Cosmetics Without Cruelty

PosterCosmetics Without Cruelty One of the first positive campaign images with hair and make-up by volunteer CCF Director and cruelty-free make-up artist Nicole Groch. Our gorgeous model posed with a much loved baby rabbit. See Nic’s makeup tips on our website.

I'd Rather Go Naked

PosterI’d rather go naked On 19 May 2003, CCF held ‘The Naked Launch’ where it introduced Australia’s first I’d rather go naked than wear fur poster. The night was hosted by Soul Mama and was a huge success bringing awareness of the cruelty in the fur industry to a completely new audience. The sold-out event saw a fantastic array of talent including Deborah Conway and Vanessa Amorosi. Guests included Mark Holden and Jack Strom. The poster models (left to right): Sunny, Selena, Wilfred, Suzanne, Natalie, Shivantha, Amity, Jenny, Brodie, Lokinan, Toby, Miguelangel, Jess, Dave, Leigh.

I'd Rather Go Naked

PosterI’d rather go naked Cheeky follow-up to the first anti-fur campaign poster featuring a female model and an anonymous football player.

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