Zuzu Luxe 2

Zuzu Luxe 2Here is stunning look by Zuzu Luxe, the gorgeous line of natural, fresh cosmetics created in the US and now available to Australian shoppers online. The Zuzu Luxe range of cosmetics is huge and their range of metallic liquid eyeliners is totally stunning.

Here I wanted to create on our beautiful model Leila a warm, glowing, metallic bronzed look.

  1. To start with apply Dual Powder Foundation in D24 over the face, blending down through the neckline
  2. Then use Dual Powder Foundation in D17 as concealor under the eyes (if you prefer a creamer concealor, you can use the c oncealors in a couple shades lighter than your foundation)
  3. Next apply Prism Eyeshadow over the entire eyelid as a base eye colour
  4. Now mix together a combination of Odessey, Vixen and Expresso Eyeshadows to create a deep browny/purple tone to apply to the lower lid and up into the socket area
  5. Expresso eyeshadow is also used to enhance and define the eyebrows
  6. Using the Zuzu Luxe Black Eyeliner Pencil, line heavily under the lower lashes and blend gently to soften it. Also line the inside rim of the lower lid
  7. Apply Liquid Eyeliner in Luxor across the top lash line in a relatively thick line and for added shimmer also smudgily paint some Luxor onto the inner corner of the lower eyelid, stopping just where the lower lash line begins.
  8. Then comb Black mascara through the eyelashes
  9. To bring a warm glow to the face apply Samba blush onto the cheeks and cheek bones
  10. Finally, to highlight the overall all bronzed look, apply a coat of Bronzite Lipgloss.