Zuii Certified Organic CosmeticsZuii Certified Organic Cosmetics is an Australian company that specializes in producing gorgeous natural mineral cosmetics, with a beneficial twist. They have introduced into their make-up range petals and buds from certified organic flowers, along with the wonderful skin enhancing benefits of added vitamins and essential oils.

Zuii cosmetics are a great treat for you skin, as well as protecting it. Zuii offers stunning palette of colours in its range, with eyeshadows and blushes in user-friendly pressed powder form, while still free of talc, GMO’s, Parabens and other synthetic ingredients. Zuii Organics are leaders in natural makeup.

To create model Lia’s stunning look

  1. Starting with a clean face, blend Flora Powder Foundation in Creme with either a latex sponge or Zuii Foundation Brush
  2. Using the Zuii Blush Brush, swirl onto the apple of the cheeks Flora Blush in Grapefruit
  3. Using the Eyeshadow Brush, sweep Flora eyeshadow in Vanilla Frost over the entire lid as a base shadow. Blend Flora Eyeshadow in Flame onto the lower lid, and midway through the socket towards the nose. Then blend Flora Eyeshadow in Blackberry to the outer corner and socket line, winging the shading out
  4. Next, using the eyeliner brush and Flora Eyeshadow in Black Diamond, draw a gentle line under the lower lashes that tapers out to a pint
  5. Above the Black Diamond line draw a line in Vanilla Frost, Then, under the liner, a line in Flame
  6. To enhance the eyes, apply a touch of Vanilla Frost under the inner corner of the eye and lower lashes.
  7. Finish off the eyes with a coat of Granite Flora Mascara
  8. Lastly, apply Flora Lipstick in Plum to create a bold, lush pout

Thank you to Zuii for donating their stunning products www.zuiiorganic.com
A big thanks to our photographer Andrew Raszevski of Icon Media 03 9 419 9833
Thank you to our beautiful model Lia from www.cameronsmodels.com.au