TV Ads and Video

Below are some of the TV Ads & Short Films CCF has been involved with both directly and indirectly.

We are proud of these fine efforts in bringing attention to the plight of our animal friends.

  • Animal Testing 3D TV commercial 'Bright Eyes'
    TV Advertisement: Bright Eyes: 30 second TV Advertisement
  • We can make a difference
    TV Advertisement: We Can Make A Difference: 30 Second Advertisement.
    Short Film: This Won't Hurt A Bit
  • TV Advertisement: Woncha come on home
    TV Advertisement: Woncha Come On Home: 30 second TV advertisement.
  • Short film: This Won't Hurt A Bit UNCUT
    Short Film: This Won't Hurt A Bit UNCUT: Longer Version.
  • I'd Rather Go Naked
    I'd Rather Go Naked: Clips of Deborah Conway & Vanessa Amorosi.
  • About CCF: "Animals Matter"
    About CCF: "Animals Matter": Interview with CCF president, Liz Jackson.
  • Fur Is Murder
    Fur Is Murder: Short film showing cruelty to fur-bearing animals: by Animal Liberation Victoria.

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