Tracy Bartram

“Although many people find the practice of animal testing and animal cruelty abhorrent, many of them continue to chose products that are advertised by the multi nationals in glossy magazines.

I find it unbelievable that with all the cruelty-free cosmetic companies on the market today, the glossy magazines never have a cruelty-free section in their beauty columns! Of course they don’t!

Small, independent, cruelty free cosmetic companies don’t have a budget to advertise in these mags and so these products don’t earn the same prestige afforded to the big companies and all those other companies who have never made it on to our cruelty-free list! Which is why I still actively nag people about joining CCF.

Attitudes have changed but we still don’t have enough people willing to vote with their wallets and try some beautiful alternatives that just weren’t available 20 years ago.

In a recent advertising campaign it was suggested that I pick up a dog carried by Rose Porteous and fling it into the audience. Of course it wouldn’t have been a real dog. But I wouldn’t be involved in any imagery like that and I wasn’t pushed. The network knew I wouldn’t do it and so we changed the concept of the ad.

Ironically, when Rose Porteous came into our studio for an interview, she was wearing a fur coat and I asked her to take it off before we could conduct the interview. I just can’t handle fur coats under any circumstances.

I still can’t believe that animals are treated as badly as they are. Every day across Australia there are thousands and thousands of dogs left every day on their own for up to 12 hours.

Last year I adopted a little dog, Moby, a schnoodle (schnauzer cross poodle), from the Save A Dog scheme. He was in such a bad way with hair that was so matted that he had to be clipped. He had obviously been abused because every time we touched him on his hind quarters, he yelped.

He had chiropractic treatment with our network chiropractor and a year later you wouldn’t know he was the same dog. But if I ever meet the person who treated him badly I don’t know what I would do.

On one hand I’m an absolute pacifist when it comes to animals but when it comes to people treating animals and children badly I turn into a monster!”
“…when it comes to people treating animals and children badly I turn into a monster!”