Merril Bainbridge

Merril Bainbridge“I started performing when I was a child, about nine years old. My first performance was at a carnival. My sisters badgered me into entering a contest to win tickets. I got third prize and won, I think, $20 worth of tickets. That was a pretty big deal! From then on I think I always knew I wanted to be a singer or songwriter.

I grew up in a big family. There were six children, with a vast age difference between the youngest and oldest, 19 years in fact. Consequently, I was influenced by a lot of different types of music.

It was difficult to break into the music industry. I wanted to experiment with my passion and I was willing to give up the idea of having a regular job and buying a house. After my success with Mouth I toured the States. The industry there was huge compared to the Australian music industry and very professional.

My most exhilarating and exciting experience during that tour was when I played Maddison Square Gardens in New York with Sheryl Crow. I performed Mouth which was number four in the charts at that time. I didn’t really expect any response but the whole stadium sang with me. In fact, they sang so loudly that I couldn’t hear myself. I just had to join in with them!

I can’t understand how people could even consider wearing fur. The trouble with our society is we have become so obsessed with appearance and fashion. There’s a lot of wealth in our country and sometimes that tends to make people very comfortable and they forget to look at the issues.

I feel the same way about using animals to test cosmetics and household products. Animal testing is barbaric. I’m sure the average person would feel that way. If they were more aware of the facts they would choose products that weren’t tested on animals.

Knowing that products are available that aren’t tested on animals is really important. Hopefully one day none of the companies will test on animals. ”

“People need to tell the industry that they don’t want to buy products that are tested on animals. Then I’m sure all the companies would make cruelty-free a priority.”