Lauren Newton

“I was born into a showbiz family. When I was growing up it was always exciting. My brother, Matthew, and I were lucky enough to be included in what Mum and Dad were doing, like going to the Logies, spending lots of time in TV and radio stations, and meeting many fascinating people. The first time I remember being on TV was when I was six, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Dad on the set of New Faces.

I’ve worked in a variety of jobs in the entertainment industry. I started working with Universal in Japan in 2001, initially for six months, but loved it so much I stayed for two years. My main job was playing Princess Fiona from Shrek.

There have been so many fun and exciting adventures over the years but two that stand out for me are; my ice-skating lesson from the Russian cast of Swan Lake on Ice, and racing in the celebrity race at the Grand Prix. Both were a huge challenge, but it helps to be taught by the best!

I love dogs. Matt (husband Oympic swimmer Matt Welch) and I now have Louis, our beautiful poodle/bichon cross. He is such a special dog that everyone who meets him falls in love with him.

As an animal lover I choose not to wear fur. And I believe we should definitely support companies that operate under ethical principles. With the advances in technology I can’t believe that any company would cruelly test on animals, just thinking about it makes me want to give Louis and Charlie an extra big hug.”

“I can’t believe that any company would cruelly test on animals.”