by Alex Kaye.

“Sal, Jules, Emma and I all went to the University of Western Sydney but at different times. Our first performance was singing Emma’s song ‘Lyin’ for her university course. When we sang together it was exciting, we definitely felt some magic between us. There’s quite a bit of diversity when it comes to our musical influences. I am originally from South Africa which has a very rich musical culture.

The Xfactor was a wonderful whirlwind. We arrived there at about 6am, searching for hot drinks, waiting in a non-existent cue. (There were not many vocal groups on the first audition.) It was an extremely valuable learning experience and it brought us closer together. We worked and lived with each other for at least 4 weeks before we came down to Melbourne, then for 2 months while we were in Melbourne.

How could our music not grow in this time! It was fantastic to meet Mark Holden. He was a gracious and passionate mentor to have . In fact, he is still helping us in a mentor role. We feel very lucky to have his presence in our lives.

We each write our own songs, as well as writing collaboratively with each other. Composing for Kaya takes many different forms. Sometimes, one of us might come to the group with a whole song. Other times we may have a chorus or one or two lines and then we just work from there. We do a lot of jamming, but also a lot of discussing the nitty gritty – words, rhythm, phrasing, arrangements.

It’s mostly a group workshop. We have a lot of big dreams – we believe in dreaming big. Kaya is in it for the long hall. We want to travel Australia and the world, play at festivals and learn from other wonderful musicians. We are currently in the process of recording a single which will be followed by an album.

I think there needs to be an animal revolution, and one day there might be. I feel sad that we have involved animals in our lives of mass production. Animals, I feel, are not like cogs in the factory wheel, though it seems we have tried to make them such. They are living entities that can sense fear.

There is a great injustice happening in the world – there has been a loss of respect for the living things, ourselves included. I don’t think more cleanliness or ‘better’ beauty products should come at the expense of suffering and death of animals. And though we are all part of this system, any little change that we can make, CAN make a difference. I truly believe this! ”

“I am absolutely against the use of any animals in the safety testing of cosmetics and household products.”