Hugh Jackman

HUGH JACKMAN“I was born in Sydney and spent my and I also studied in Sydney at the Actor’s Centre. It was there that I decided to become serious about acting. I auditioned successfully for the WA Academy of Performing Arts – a course from which I graduated in 1994.

At the end of that course we got to show our stuff before all the casting and other agents – we did that in Melbourne and Sydney. When I finished the showcase in Sydney my agent said to me “Congratulations, you’ve been cast in a new series for the ABC!”

This totally floored me! I had been for an audition but didn’t realise I was that close. So the day I graduated I went to Melbourne and started work on Corelli. I then went straight to Beauty and the Beast and then Sunset Boulevard with a bit of Man from Snowy River  in between.

It certainly made me busier, but essentially no, success didn’t change me. I’ve got plenty of people who keep me down to earth, so there’s no real danger of me getting my feet too far off the ground.

Apart from work and career, the important thing is my family, very much. My family and my friends take a very high priority in my life. Deb (wife Deborra Lee Furness) and I also keen meditators and that side of my life is important – probably the foundation for everything else. Spending time with my wife is a real bonus, especially now when it’s not so easy to find. I also like heavy doses of leisure time. I’m a huge sports fan.

Testing of products on animals found around the home just makes me angry. Having been involved in Choose Cruelty Free it’s made me more and more aware of how completely useless and unnecessary this testing is.

It just makes me angry that the human race likes to go for these short-cuts. I think consumers are just unaware. So the more we can do to make people aware the better. I think people would exactly same if they only knew.

A lot of these things is misinformation rather than people deliberately wanting to hurt animals. That’s one thing we continually have to fight in the consumerist society we live in.

There’s always going to be someone wanting to make a buck ahead of helping animals or humans or the environment.

My message to the companies that still test is that in the long term it’s going to hurt them and their business because it’s not a natural way of living. To consumers I urge you to support the other companies and their products.

“Become aware and please change because it seems that only by voting through our shopping are we going to be able to change things.”