Dr Katrina Warren

Katrina Warren“I have been blessed in my career. Getting paid to travel around the country working with animals is a dream come true.

In America I film a series of my TV show Housecat Housecall. In this show I travel around America helping people solve problems with their wayward cats. Behind closed doors there are a LOT of people who live with crazy cats!

Companion animals offer so much to children – they provide companionship and affection, but they also teach children responsibility and how to care for another living being. Children treat them as friends and confidantes, often trusting them with their inner secrets. The bond that can develop between a child and an animal is truly special.

My website (katrinawarren.com.au) is dedicated to giving advice on animal health and wellbeing. I have lots of information about how to care for your pet and how to deal with some of the most common behavioural problems such as barking, separation anxiety and cat scratching. I also have a feature called Katrinastays.

These days, “pets” are considered part of the family – they live indoors with us and we love to spoil them. Also, many people want to take them on family holidays. Katrinastays is a big listing of accommodation around the country where pets are welcome.

I cannot tolerate seeing animals in pain caused by humans, and I have seen first hand the torture inflicted on Moon Bears in China. They are confined to a coffin like cage for the duration of their lives and their bile is extracted for Chinese medicine. The methods used are barbaric and these animals suffer unimaginable pain. It is incomprehensible that humans believe it is acceptable to treat another living being in this manner. It makes me ashamed of the human race. There is some hope though.

I work closely with Animals Asia Foundation and they have a sanctuary for rescued bears. These bears are the lucky ones who will live the rest of their lives in freedom, but there are still around 7000 bears kept on hideous farms. Animal Asia Foundation is working to see every bear released.

I also support the work of Choose Cruelty Free. Using animals to test cosmetics is totally unnecessary when we have alternatives available. Animals are innocent and deserve our respect. ”

“It would be great to see an Australia wide ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.”