Accredited Cruelty Free Companies as at 18 May 2017

To become an accredited cruelty-free company with Choose Cruelty Free (CCF), you must fill in the Questionnaire & Application for Accreditation (Q&A), including a legally binding contract. Once accredited, companies may opt to take out a License to use the CCF Rabbit Logo for an annual fee. See criteria for further information. To apply for accreditation go to contact us. For information on palm oil click here.

Printed CCF List Summer 2016

Printed CCF List Summer 2016

The CCF Rabbit Logo is a registered trade mark and use without permission is illegal.

The symbols used in this list indicate the following:

v   All products are suitable for vegans. Or see vegan products.
sv Some products are suitable for vegans (please check labels).
vt  Vegetarian and may contain beeswax, lanolin, honey, milk, egg and/or casein. No vegan products.
bp Meet non-animal testing rule but some products contain animal ingredients or killed insects.

CCF Licensees are listed in pink and are permitted to use the CCF Rabbit Logo.

A pdf file of the CCF List can be downloaded here.

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