Amina Cosmetics Mineral MakeupAmina Cosmetics Mineral Makeup is a fantastic Australian made and owned company that offers a stunning and vast range of skin-safe cosmetics.

Amina cosmetics are vegan, natural and hypoallergenic, whilst not compromising on fashion and glamour. Anima Cosmetics nourish and protect your skin and give fabulous natural coverage.

The products are safe and free of potentially toxic ingredients. They are ideal for problem skin, or after skin procedures, such as peels.

The minerals actually help the skin heal faster.

To create model Shona’s stunning, eye-catching look:

  1. First, even out your skin tone by applying a thin layer of Face Tint using the mini powder puff inside the lid
  2. Then blend over entire face and down through neck area Mineral Foundation & Concealer Creme Compact in Aprict CC2
  3. Using your fingertips or a latex sponge, blend onto the apples of the cheeks Amina Lip and Cheek
  4. Apply to the lower lids Amina Mint Green Sateen MC25 Eyeshadow. Blend the colour away to almost nothing by the time you reach the socket line
  5. Then, using the Mineral Eyeliner Pencil in Black, draw a line along the top lashes, winging it up and out dramatically at the end
  6. Using the same Black Pencil, line inside the lower rim of the eyes, and add a smudgy line to the very outer corners of the lower lashes
  7. Now for the fun part! Using a mix of the Mint Green Sateen MC25 and Turquoise Sateen MC26, with a damp eyeliner brush, or pointy cotton bud, paint a metallic line under the lower lashes, blending it with the Black Eyeliner on the outer corners. Let the line dry and then soften with a dry brush or cotton bud. (Be sure not to get water into your eyeshadow container. Tip the desired amount into the lid, onto a tissue, or even the back of your hand, and mix to a paste using a touch of water and your brush or cotton bud
  8. Using just the Mint Green Sateen shadow, again apply a damp brush line along the top lashes
  9. To finish the eyes, coat the lashes in Amina Black Mineral Mascara
  10. Complete this dramatic look with beautiful bold lips using Mineral Lipstick in Scarlet03

Thank you to Amina for donating their stunning products
A big thanks to our photographer Andrew Raszevski of Icon Media 03 9 419 9833
Thank you to our beautiful model Shona from